Another case is known in which the Apple Watch has allowed to find out a 48-year-old man who had a problem in his heart


In the past we have seen several cases in which the detection system of an unusual heart rate in Apple Watch users is saving many lives. Today we have a new case, which although it is not as dramatic as others, it does open your eyes to a reality that many still do not appreciate; An Apple Watch can really let you know that something bad is happening with your heart.

Only for that functionality, it is a device that is worth having, if only for medical prevention. This has been the case in the case of Paul Hutton, a 48-year-old man who began receiving notices of a heart rate too low on his Apple Watch.

Alarmed by repeated alerts that his heart rate was not normal, Hutton went to his family doctor, who asked him to stop drinking caffeine and improve his diet. However, that did not change anything, because the Apple Watch warnings warning of a too low heart rate continued to appear.

It was then that he decided to go see a specialist, and as soon as he was tested they determined that he had to be operated quickly. They removed certain tissues in the heart that caused this problem, and after the operation, finally, the warnings of problems in the heart rate of the same Apple Watch, stopped appearing. Now, he seems to have an adequate rhythm, and everything is going well.

This case is just an example of how a very dangerous ailment but that is easy not to detect in time can make your life not in danger. Best of all, this is only the beginning, the Apple Watch has already been updated with several generations but still has a huge potential for future growth, with better and more sophisticated sensors that can give more information about our health in addition to the heart rate. It is not surprising to see Apple investing a lot of money in research and development of new biometric sensors for this same reason.