Hidden tricks to help you master your iPhone X


iPhone X is being the device of the year and the biggest development of Apple to date. However, to revolutionize an entire sector such as mobile telephony, it is also necessary to include some functionalities that are completely unknown to users or that are used improperly.

Here are some of the best tricks so you can master the
operation of your iPhone X until you would not have imagined:

Configure Face ID with maximum precision

Face ID is an ideal functionality for quick access to the smartphone, but sometimes it is not
as accurate as we would like and it is because of an incorrect configuration!

The first time you set up Face ID, put the phone to the height you normally use, for example the stomach. This way the unlocking will be completely precise because you will have configured it from the position in which you normally unlock the terminal.

Improve the accessibility of your iPhone X

10 years using iPhones creates customs and with the iPhone X some of them seem to have disappeared. One of the most requested is to lower the screen by double tapping the Home button.

We can retrieve it from Settings> General> Accessibility> Interaction and
selecting Reachability.

In addition, this function will also activate the possibility of swiping to the left to access the Notification Center or to the right for the Control Center.

Take photos with the iPhone X locked

One of the most useful and, at the same time, unknown functions in many mobiles is that the camera is accessible with the locked mobile.

In the iPhone X you can use the camera icon, if we have activated the 3D Touch function. But we can also do it, simply by sliding to the left.

One-handed keyboard of your iPhone X

For many reasons, many times we would like a keyboard adapted to one hand, instead of having to use both to type quickly. With iPhone X it is possible with this trick.

On the conversation screen, press and hold the button corresponding to the emoji’s. Soon a menu opens that offers you this option.



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