How notifications that notify you of an irregular rhythm of your heart on Apple Watch are activated


About 35 seconds ago, Apple has published the video that you see below in this article, in which they explain how to activate the notifications that warn you of an unusual heart rhythm, a sign of a problem with your heart. It is something important to have because it gives you a few minutes that can literally save your life.

All you have to do is open the Apple Watch App on our iPhone, go down to the Heart option, then find Irregular Rhythm and then make sure that notifications are activated as you see about these words. A little below that option you can set the limits of maximum and minimum beats per minute above or below which, these alarms jump, always at rest. That means that if, for example, you go for a run, obviously your heart is going to beat very fast, but the Apple Watch knows it and doesn’t show you a notification because it’s a normal and usual case of that condition. However, if your heartbeat exceeds 120 per minute and you are watching TV, chances are you have a tachycardia or problem in your heart …Or maybe not – but the notification will arrive the same.

In the video they show us the steps to follow in a few seconds.


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