How To Dry Out, Fix A Wet Or Water-Damaged iPhone


We have all dropped the phone to the ground sometime. And unfortunately, we have possibly wet it too. But do not worry. If you just spilled a glass of water on your iPhone or because of an oversight has gone to the toilet, in today’s post we will show some tricks to fix it. Or at least recover the data.

Wet iPhone: first steps

Dry your phone as soon as possible. The worst thing that can happen is that it is connected to the charger cable right now. Remove it slowly and very carefully. If the device is still on, turn it off immediately.

And if it’s off, don’t try to activate it for now. Since it may short circuit and there is no possible repair for your iPhone. Remove the case, case and other accessories such as memory cards. And shake it so that any remaining liquid comes out.

Dry a wet iPhone

Avoid using very strong heat sources, such as dryers. Since they could cause your screen to go black and other problems.


One of the most popular methods to dry any electrical appliance is raw rice. It’s very simple, just fill a bowl with rice and leave the iPhone submerged for two days. Its absorbent capacity will do all the work.

Silica gel

If you find this solution too “homemade,” you can try silica gel. We refer to the white paper bags that are included in the electronic device wrappers. If you don’t have it, you can buy it in any component store without problems.

You must have the necessary amount to completely cover the Smartphone. And like the rice method it must be left 48 hours for its total drying. Silica gel is more absorbent than rice, so we recommend using it if you have it on hand.


Another option is to use an ultrasound machine. These devices are used to clean the parts through vibration. And they are also very effective for drying wet iPhones. In addition, its price has dropped a lot in recent times and can be obtained for less than 30 euros.

Recover data from a wet iPhone

Once the two days have passed, it is time to activate our iPhone. If it does not turn on, we will have no choice but to take it to an official store for repair. Otherwise, some options may not work or stop working in the short term. As we cannot foresee this, always consider it as a temporary measure.

This means that as soon as you access your phone you should make a backup copy of all your data. You can do it through iCloud, although the 5 GB limitation that comes with the free version is usually insufficient for this task.


It is better to use applications such as iTunes, which are very reliable and easy to handle. Install this app on your computer and connect your mobile to the PC or Mac with the USB cable. Then, go to File, Devices and Transfer purchases. This option is usually done automatically, but it is better to be sure.

Once the data transfer is complete, go to Files, Devices and Backup. The app will start performing the backup. And to confirm that everything went well, go to Edit, Preferences and Devices. There is a list of all the backup copies you have made from iTunes.

Google Drive

Another highly recommended option is to use Google Drive, which has a free capacity of 15 GB. More than enough to store your wet iPhone information. However, you must have previously used iTunes or a similar app, so it only serves to have a second backup. But in the cloud, something very important if something happens to your computer.

Download the program on your PC or Mac and run it. If your operating system is Windows, enter the Users, Username, AppData, Roaming, Apple Computer, MobileSync and finally Backup files. In the case of having an Apple, access Library, Application Support, MobileSync and Backup.

Here you have a database with the latest backups that your device has saved. Choose the most recent one and move it to the Google Drive folder. Also then use other programs in the cloud like Dropbox, the important thing is that they have the necessary storage capacity.


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