Touch ID will return to the iPhone in 2021 according to Ming Chi Kuo


The analyst Ming Chi Kuo had been saying nothing for more than a couple of weeks, indicating that he has probably been on vacation. Now that he has returned to work, he has published a note for investors who follow the advice and predictions of the consulting firm where he works to tell them that Touch ID will return to the iPhone in 2021.

This is the rumor that is always repeated, and that is spoken of more than two years before; Touch ID could return to the design of the iPhone under the screen, a technology that Apple has patented and that we have seen similarly implemented in several models of Android smartphones.

Having a fingerprint sensor under the screen would help to unlock the iPhone in situations where Face ID now gives problems, such as a place with lots of sunlight where the 3D environment of the user’s face cannot be detected, or when We have the iPhone placed in another orientation with respect to our own face, although this last point could be corrected in future iPhone models.

The most important thing is that if Apple repositions a fingerprint sensor on future iPhone models, the user can choose whether he prefers Face ID or Touch ID, something that is not possible right now; you choose one, or you choose another. In the case of the iPhone there is no choice but to use Face ID, like it or not, since the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was the last iPhone in which we can find a Home button with its fingerprint sensor.

The rumor is, again, unbelievable because Apple is a company that when it turns the page, it really does. They have publicly declared that Face ID is better than Touch ID, they have achieved millions of happy users with this new technology, and Apple has never cared much about what other smartphone manufacturers do, so it is hard to believe that one day we will see a fingerprint sensor under the screen, no matter how much they have that patented technology.

Kuo indicates that the component suppliers for this new version of Touch ID under the screen are GIS and Qualcomm.

Source: Ming Chi Kuo



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