What do you ask for the iPhone 11 Pro? These are our 5 wishes


This year the rumors of the launch of an iPhone 11 Pro sound very loudly. In fact we have already seen the designs of some cell phone cases that anticipate the presence of the compatible stylus compatible with the mobile. However, this feature gave is among the 5 features that we ask the iPhone 11 Pro.

To make the iPhone a true Pro device, you will have to offer something more to users than a good camera or more storage. In fact, this would already be mounted by the normal iPhone 11. So… Why should the iPhone 11 Pro stand out?

A decent battery

If there is one thing that has always been criticized for the iPhone is the battery life. We know that iOS is perfectly optimized for cells of less than 3000 mAh like the ones that the current iPhone mount but in times in which mobile phones like the Galaxy Note 10+ (with 4300 mAh) and the P30 Pro (with 4200 mAh) reign in the market, Apple must take a step forward.

Real water resistance

The iPhone 11 Pro should show a water resistance that will lead you to modify the warranty that claims that wet iPhones are covered by this service. It is rumored that Apple has dramatically improved the water resistance of the new models so we could intuit that we could immerse it deeper and longer than any IP68 protected mobile.

Premium finishes

It is worth the iPhone XR sports colors of all kinds, but if we compare the tones of the iPhone XS or XS Max with the current Note 10, Huawei P30 or any mid-range of Xiaomi, with its reflections and finishes «twilight» it is clear that Apple He still has a lot of work to do in this field.

The return of the Touch ID under the screen

The Face ID is one of the biggest innovations of the iPhone X and later models but there are many of us who miss using our tracks to unlock the phone and make use of other functions. In epics where any mid-range Android hosts a biometric sensor under the screen glass, we believe it is too complicated for Apple to integrate this alternative to its face unlock on the iPhone 11 Pro.

A less “horrible” design

We are not going to hide it. The design with the quadruple square camera housed in the upper left corner of the mobile seems to us one of the worst aesthetic decisions of the year, and it seems that Google is going to replicate these lines and shapes in its Pixel 4. Hopefully Apple rectifies and, at least the Pro model, looks more elegant lines and shapes, those that once left us with our mouths open.


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