Solution to the serious security flaw in the email app on your iPhone


Late yesterday, news tell that millions of Apple customers have seen their data exposed through the iPhone’s email app. A bug discovered in the iOS Mail app could allow an attacker to read, modify, and delete emails, putting any user’s privacy at risk.

The error is quite serious for several reasons and the first is that, although Apple is already aware of the problem, there is currently no public solution to the error. More serious still is that the bug in the iPhone email app has been appearing in the Apple operating system since early 2018, affecting all versions of iOS from 6 onwards and, even more dangerous, without any user interaction.

The attack works by sending specially crafted emails that flood a device’s memory, allowing the attacker to break the protections that Apple typically implements to prevent Mail from accidentally executing malicious code. Because the attacker has the ability to delete emails, they can also delete the email they initially sent to trigger the exploit in the first place, covering their tracks from the user’s view.

How do I avoid the iOS mail error?

Apple says it will fix the vulnerability in the next version of iOS, 13.4.5, but although the company has released fixes for these bugs in the beta version of iOS 13.4.5, the devices remain vulnerable until the final version of this software. Be available to all iPhone owners. Until this update is available to the general public, all users of the American brand phone are vulnerable to attack.

The only solution that we can resort to until the update reaches our phone is somewhat cumbersome, since it involves deactivating the email app and not being able to receive emails in the usual way, but at the moment it is the most feasible. Doing this iOS will prevent the app from continuing to download emails among which you can “sneak” the one that is generating all these problems since 2018.

To disable the iPhone mail app, we must open the iOS Settings app on the mobile and access the Passwords and accounts menu. This is where all the accounts we have synchronized with the Mail app appear and we simply must unmark all of them.

When iOS 13.4.5 lands on your phone, you can re-enable the mail app by following the same path in reverse.


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