This is the real power of the iPhone SE 2020. Which Android mobile is equivalent?


Once we learned that the iPhone SE launched in 2020 had the same chipset as the iPhone 11, we soon wanted to see if the smartphone logically has the same performance as its older brothers. However, not only the A13 Bionic is in charge of ensuring the good performance of the set, other aspects such as its RAM memory or the operating system also come into play here.

Many are rubbing their hands thinking about getting the performance of an iPhone 11 Pro Max at a much more affordable price and in a compact size. Unfortunately, for all of them we have bad news because this SE has just appeared on AnTuTu with a disappointing score that falls well below 500,000 points, falling far short of the 2019 iPhone.

On paper, the iPhone SE (2020) leaves its combination between the body of the iPhone 8, the camera of the iPhone XR and the chipset of the iPhone 11 Pro in a final score of 492166 points. How is it possible to maintain the same processor as the current toes of the firm’s range? The answer is simple. The phone has less RAM and its CPU is clearly underclocked (we know that the word does not exist, but it is, to give you an idea, the opposite of overclock) to maintain a decent battery life.

At Apple, at the level of the iPhone XS

CPU and GPU performance is closer to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the models released in 2018 that run on an A12 Bionic platform. RAM optimization is the only thing that pushes the 256GB iPhone SE ahead of the XS family with a result of 77,968, which is more in line with the iPhone 11 trio but globally the same, of all devices Apple of the moment, would be in eighth place.

On Android, above the realme X2 Pro

However, the most interesting comparison is found in the Android ecosystem, where there are not many alternatives to the iPhone Se 2020 (at least in size). In a market dominated by the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 (with Snapdragon 856 and Exynos 990 processor), the Cupertino smartphone with its more than 490,000 points would be located just below the OnePlus 7T and above the realme X2 Pro , a phone that Precisely, it can be found at a cheaper price than Apple’s bet.

Does power only matter?

Of course not. A good mobile must have a perfect synchrony between screen, performance, camera, battery and connectivity and it is in most of these fields where the Android ecosystem plants a hard battle at the option of the American firm.


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