The tiny battery of the new iPhone SE. Is it enough in the middle of 2020?


In the middle of 2020 and to alleviate the bad results that the firm has been experiencing in recent times, Apple has removed the new iPhone SE from its sleeve. It is expected to be a best seller, since despite having some technical features from other times, its price is very moderate compared to the iPhone 11 and previous models. However, a section as important as the battery, could be one of the points where the iPhone SE 2020 pales the most.

The battery is one of the most important battlefields for large manufacturers. Every time it is tried that the mobiles have more “milliamps” trying not to sacrifice the design, at the same time that the new technologies of load are every time more efficient.

Battery too small?

All manufacturers offer exact technical details of each model, but in the case of Apple we did not find the details regarding the battery capacity of the new iPhone SE 2020, but we do find its estimated durations. However, we know that this battery is only 1,821 mAh, a capacity that seen so, seems too small even for a more compact terminal. It is also a capacity that comes at the time when more hours of multimedia content is consumed, and apps that require location (GPS energy expenditure) are used more frequently.

We were clear that the iPhone SE 2020 is more a kind of re-edition of the iPhone 8 than the original iPhone SE. However, in the case of the battery, Apple makes it even clearer on its website when it details that the battery of this new model offers a “duration similar to that of the iPhone 8”. Those from Cupertino also reflect that “if you fall short, you can always use a wireless charger. Or connect it to a fast charge adapter “It does not seem usual for a brand to suggest the possibility of running low on battery”

«Similar to iPhone 8»

That “duration similar to the iPhone 8” (exactly the same capacity) that Apple talks about, reveals that the 1,821 mAh of the iPhone SE 2020 will give for about 13 hours of video playback and 8 if it is streaming video. In the audio section we can play approximately 40 hours. The good news, unlike the 2016 model, is that it has fast charging technology. That means you can charge up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with an 18W adapter, which must be purchased separately.

In his favor

We still have to get our hands on this new iPhone SE 2020, but it is logical that looking at the battery numbers can generate its capacity can generate some suspicion. However, we believe that in your favor you can play precisely a determining factor such as screen size. Recall that it has a HD + panel of just 4.7 inches, which should greatly balance the balance of energy expenditure, in addition to having smart saving functions and the energy efficiency of the A13 Bionic.


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