The best strategy games for iPhone: Games without Internet


The mobile phone has replaced the computer in many aspects, recently even in video games. Although they do not have the power of their older brothers, they allow us to play at any time regardless of the place, so the number of users has increased considerably in recent years. And if we have to highlight a genre, we would undoubtedly have to talk about strategy games without the Internet, which are the ones that we can use the most from an iPhone or iPad. In today’s post we are going to talk about this topic and we will show you the best titles that exist today.

Strategy games without internet

Strategy games for iPhone without internet are undoubtedly the most popular, since we do not have to rely on a Wi-Fi connection and battery consumption is therefore much lower. In the catalog of the Play Store you can find hundreds of free strategy games that are incredible, with advanced graphics and high playability. Next, we are going to show you the most popular.

Kingdom rush

Developed by Iron hide Game Studios, this free strategy game without internet falls fully into the genre called “tower defense.” You will have to build towers of Wizards, Archers, barracks or Artillery in strategic places, improve buildings and use powerful spells to stop the tireless enemies. With almost fifty monsters and attractive settings, Kingdom Rush guarantees you hours of fun.

Dawn of Titans

This Natural Motion title has recently been nominated for the BAFTA Video Game Awards for Best Mobile or Portable Game. Immerse yourself in an epic adventure filled with enemies with incredible graphics and defeat your rivals while avoiding conquering your territories. And the best of all is that it is free, although through micropayments you can unlock some improve on the character.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies was a revolution in the world of strategy games for iPhone. Much of its success was due to excellent graphic art and an addiction without limits, which kept us hooked for hours in front of the laptop screen. This second part maintains the essence of the first but improves even more the playable aspects, expanding the content to 11 different worlds and more than 300 levels full of hordes of zombies. Choose your plants, prepare your defenses and prevent them from reaching your garden. It is also free!


If you are a lover of strategy, card games and role, Ermelo will love it. This attractive title of the independent studio League of Geeks invites you to participate in an epic adventure with a plot worthy of film. It is one of the funniest strategy applications you can find, with mechanics that are simple to learn but very complicated to master. It is also free, so we advise you to take a look.

Call of War 1942

As the name implies, Call of War 1942 is set in World War II and gives us the opportunity to deploy hundreds of different units on the European stage. Rewrite history with the most advanced weapons in your arsenal and send your armies to conquer glory. You can make alliances with other nations and put yourself in the shoes of some of the most important generals of the conflict, such as Rommel or Patton. Like the previous ones, you can install it on your phone without paying a cent.

Hitman go

And we end up with Hitman Go, a strategy game where you will have to solve different puzzles to advance. Although there are already other titles of this famous saga on mobile devices, this is the first one that has been developed from scratch for iPhone and iPad. You must move Agent 47 across a board to sneak up the enemies and reach the end of the level.


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