4 iPhone Apps to download music: Free and paid


Apple has innovated in the market with the brilliant iPhone 8. This novelty stands out for its intelligence and its spectacular design that offers many benefits to each of its users. This new generation of iPhone allows access to the best iPhone applications to download music. However, what are these applications? In this article you will know the 4 iPhone Apps to download music: Free and paid.

There has never been a better way to enjoy music! With the new iPhone 8 you can get the best songs from your favorite artists in minutes. There are many free and paid Apps, which facilitate song downloads on your device.

Best free iPhone apps to download music

Finding a good iPhone music applications can be an overwhelming task, unlike Android devices, iOS devices do not allow any application. For that reason, take into account the following suggestions of iPhone applications to download free music:

  1. Spotify Music: With this application you can listen to music whenever you want. This music service gives you access to thousands of songs and other content from your favorite artist from around the world. Its basic functions are totally free.
  2. Beats Music: It is one of the best applications that has been created with the purpose of facilitating the enjoyment of music on iPhone 8. This application can be used both to download songs, as well as to play music.
  3. ITunes: This is one of the iPhone music applications that will allow you to legally buy and download all kinds of songs or albums. Although iTunes requires that you pay for copyright, there are possibilities to download songs for free. Only with the “single of the week” in which a song is promoted and allows free download.
  4. SoundCloud Downloader Pro: This application offers a large library of songs that can be downloaded easily. You can choose the type of music you enjoy most. You can make high quality downloads and play them in the background.

Advantages of paid Apps on iPhone to download music

  • Greater security: There are many networks on the network that do not act responsibly. On the contrary, paidmusic iPhone applications offer much more security to users.
  • Respect for copyright: Every day digital portals that overlook copyright are more common. With paid Apps, you download songs from your favorite artist with high quality sound.
  • Fast: With paid applications you have quick access to the playlist. You can download songs and at the same time you can listen.
  • Access to thousands of songs: Paid Apps are characterized by having an extensive playlist.

With the iPhone applications to download music you will have at your disposal the songs of your favorite artists.


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