Two common issues while updating new iOS


Since the evolution of iOS, the software updates generally have some issues that leaves the iPhone owners puzzled and unaware of the issue until it is in the news.

However, these issues are quickly resolved by Apple via a fix pack.
The issues we are talking about are more towards the iPhone’s internal functioning which are possible cause for not allowing the iOS updates.

Common Issues while updating new iOS

Some of the common iPhone issues

The first common issue is the low battery. In order to have a successful iOS update, make sure your iPhone should have minimum 50% battery and your iPhone is connected to a power source.This is to make sure your iPhones doesn’t die in the middle of the updates.

The second most common issue that may hinder your iPhone iOS update is low storage.
Remember, iPhone updates are not something Apple does remotely. The release pack is downloaded onto your iPhone and then it is installed. Hence, you may want to revisit and delete some of your un-used apps, backup photos to a computer or external storage devices.

In general, depending upon how you allow the updates (either Wifi or connecting to iTunes via a computer), you should ensure you have enough storage and battery percentage for Apple to download and install the updates. Apart from the above problems, if you have any other problem and unable to resolve, seeing the Apple support is always recommended.


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