Solve the problems of your iPhone with Wi-Fi at once


Wi-Fi connectivity is essential to connect to the Internet, whether in our home or other places. We do not conceive a smartphone without this option, although on many occasions it can give us headaches. We wanted to see why there may be problems with our iPhone and the Wi-Fi connection and the best options to solve it.

There are many factors that can influence our Wi-Fi network problems in the form of cuts or slow connection. However, we can take a look at various solutions and indications that will allow us, in a large majority of cases, to solve the problem.

Fix Wi-Fi issues

Take a look at the Router

It is the first check that we must do, since it may be off or we are not within range. Sometimes even in small rooms, walls and other obstacles can interfere with the signal quality and cause many problems. If when approaching the router the connection improves, we already know what the cause is.

Check Wi-Fi

In this case we will have to check the Wi-Fi settings on our own phone and check that everything is correct. For this we go to Settings / Wi-Fi and make sure that the Wi-Fi network is activated. Then we click on the name of the Wi-Fi network to connect to it. If we see a blue check mark next to the name of the network, it is that the connection has been made. On the contrary, if we verify that the automatic connection option is deactivated under the name of the Wi-Fi network, we will have to press it to activate it.

Does not connect

If after the previous step and even having entered the correct password, the message Cannot join the network” or “Incorrect password” appears. We will have to restart the mobile and retype the password. To do this we hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons until the slider “Turn off” appears. We drag the control and wait 30 seconds until the terminal turns off. Then we hold down the side power button until the Apple logo appears.

Pending update

Both in iOS 12 and in the most recent iOS 13, we have seen how there have been problems with Wi-Fi, the result of updates. However, Apple did not take long to react by releasing the appropriate patches that fix these problems. In that case, and even though we think we are up to date, we may have some of these patches pending and ready to download and install. We can check it from Settings / General / Software Updates.

Reset connections

If we still cannot connect or if the connection is very irregular, we must try to reset the network settings. For this we go to Settings / General / Reset / Reset network settings. This action also restores the Wi-Fi networks and their passwords, the mobile data settings and the VPN and APN settings that we previously configured.

Other tips

  • If we are connected to a Wi-Fi network but cannot access the Internet, we will have to try using that Wi-Fi network on other devices. If we also cannot access the Internet, there is probably a problem with the service. In that case we will have to contact our Internet provider to see if there is any problem with the service
  • Similarly, we can try connecting to a Wi-Fi network elsewhere or we can even create a Wi-Fi access point from another mobile. If our iPhone does not connect either, there could be a problem with the Wi-Fi antenna, so in that case it is best to contact Apple Technical Service.


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