Horizon Chase World Tour and Turbo, 90s-style arcade racing


Already 32 years ago, one of the video games that would arouse more passions among players from all over the planet began to make its way into the rooms of recreational machines; It was Out Run, a mythical name in the history of videogames for its playability, the music of Yu Suzuki that we can all hum and a very good playability as there was something very addictive about this driving game.

If one thinks of arcade-type racing games, in which the priority is to have fun and arrive at a checkpoint in time instead of getting a very realistic driving simulation, Out Run is the title that comes to mind, but there were a few more, such as the Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge that especially in its version of Amiga was spectacularly good, or the Top Gear of Super Nintendo (Top Racer in Japan). From all these games, drink the game we are talking about today: Horizon Chase – World Touravailable on the App Store for free but with integrated payments.

Horizon Chase Turbo is the version for Windows, macOS, PS4, Switch or XBox One of this first game that saw the light in the App Store, improved with new game modes, more cars and tracks and the possibility of playing with friends. As in the iOS version, the incredible music of the game is composed of the same genius in charge of the music of the Amiga Lotus or SNES Top Gear, Barry Leitch, who also hid a marriage proposal in music with the consent of Aquiris … and that is, when a video game developer is good, it is in every way

The game is simply spectacular graphically, despite using a low poly graphic style, that is, very basic 3D models but with very detailed cars. The most fun comes when you take charge and discover how much fun it is to compete in different circuits and unlock different countries with increasingly complicated tracks in many countries around the planet, while improving your skills and getting more and more cars fast or simply better suited for different types of circuits. The strategy when choosing a car is also very important depending on the type of race that we must make in order to win. Overall, Horizon Chase Turbo is simply magnificent, an ode to the arcade racing games that Out Run popularized and that recovers that driving style in which the fun is to run as much as you can and in which the skill is paramount to get ahead

Since it’s free to download and if you like 90s arcade racing games, check it out. Most likely you will not regret it.


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