This will be the sleep measurement system of the new Apple Watch series 5: Time in Bed Tracking


In addition to the new iPhone 11 models that we expect, the Apple event next week will also bring us new Apple Watch models, the series 5. The current Apple Watch model, the series 4, can already measure the hours of sleep that we sleep if we install certain Apps, but it is not a functionality that the system brings installed by default, similar to others such as the pedometer, for example. This could change with this new generation of Apple Watch.

Apple is preparing a new sleep quality monitoring function called Time in Bed Tracking, although the internal name of this functionality in Apple is Burrito. Yes, as is – Users will be able to measure the movement they make while they sleep, the heart rate, noise etc. to determine if they are having a quality sleep, or not.

If you wonder if this functionality will also be available for series 4 or earlier, it is probably not so because they would have already announced it at WWDC, the developer conference. It is likely that only the 5 series (and future models) can enjoy this improvement, but Rambo tells us that being a minor hardware update these new 5 series, perhaps we can have this improvement also in the 4 series. More than a week we will leave doubts.

This new functionality also allows you to deactivate the alarm that awakens you if you wake up before it sounds, which also sounds only on the Apple Watch. It will also be possible to make the alarm use only vibration, so as not to disturb another person we have next to us in bed. Finally, if one goes to bed, the Apple Watch will detect it and activate the do not disturb mode automatically, also on the iPhone. There will also be a new complication that shows data on sleep hours, that is, one of the small widgets that are put in the clock settings (or spheres) that we use on Apple’s watch.

If all this interests you, it is important that you know that very similar data can be obtained in current Apple Watch models. Although there are more complex and complete (paid) Apps that give much more data, you can use the free Sleep ++ App. Once installed you can wear the Apple Watch while sleeping and you will see the data of the hours of deep or light sleep that you had both in that App and in the Health App the next day, since it shares the data with this unified system in watchOS and iOS. Probably the service provided by Sleep ++ is not as good as the one that will provide this new sleep tracking functionality integrated in watchOS, but neither can it be said that previous Apple Watch models do not serve to measure the quality of our sleep hours.



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