Improves the volume of the iPhone in 2 different ways


The fifth beta for iOS 13 developers is already here and among its different novelties we find one that can go unnoticed by most users who install it on their compatible devices. And it is that the software improves the volume of the iPhone in 2 different ways.

iOS 13 in its first official beta has already changed its volume interface , which now occupies much less space on the screen, when you press the volume keys up or down, showing even a thinner control bar. Precisely the number of clicks is the main change introduced by the latest beta of Apple’s operating system.

And now there are up to 34 different levels of sound adjustment. In this way we can do more than 30 clicks in order to adjust the volume of the iPhone much more precisely. The audio level of the phones has not been increased but the setting of the phone is improved. At more volume levels, more control over sound reproduction.

But in addition to this novelty, the beta 5 of iOS 13 introduces haptic feedback when using the iPhone touch panel. The purpose of this technology is to mentally obtain the sensation of pressing, as if it were a real keyboard and that we receive a sensation of vibration by resting our finger on the flat screen.

More news from iOS 5 beta 5

In addition to the classic bug fixes and performance improvements, the beta 5 of iOS 13 brings more news to compatible iPhone and iPadOS. In the operating system for Cupertino tablet you can now choose the density of icons that most interest you. Whoever wants it could establish a grid of 4 × 5 or 6 × 5 depending on the use that you want to give the iPad.

Other news, in addition to improving the volume of the iPhone, has to do with the elimination of the option ‘automations’, which has disappeared from the shortcuts of iOS 13. Another improvement of the operating system affects the Activity app, which is now new achievements when the movement circle is exceeded 1000 times.

Last but not least, the mouse mode that iOS 13 incorporated into the iPad can now be modified in size.

As you can see, we are already talking about minor improvements that end up propping up software that should reach the market, officially, in just one month, together with the launch of the new iPhone 11.


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