iPhone jailbreak is possible again thanks to iOS 12.4


Supposedly the new versions of iOS come to the forefront to add improvements to the iPhone as well as to correct possible errors. However, iOS 12.4 has reopened a vulnerability in Apple’s operating system that allows us, once again, to jailbreak the iPhone.

While everything seems to be ready for the official launch of iOS 13, which should be available for download on the same day of presentation of the iPhone 11, that is, on September 10, Apple is still revising its current system, iOS 12. However, the hacker group Pwn20wnd has managed to exploit a iOS 12.4 bug so that users can be jailbroken again. It is the first time this has happened for years.

The extinct iPhone jailbreak

The security researchers realised the error, corrected in iOS 12.3 but back in iOS 12.4 this weekend and hastened to demonstrate how easy it is to jailbreak the iPhone in this latest version of iOS, more by demonstration of strength that with a feasible utility, it is expected that Apple launches a review in the coming days to protect this vulnerability again.

Because of this, until the iOS 12.4.1 version sees the light, all devices that have iOS 12.4 or any version lower than iOS 12.3 can jailbreak their devices. Although, today, is it necessary?

Years ago, the jailbreak of the iPhone made all the sense in the world since the installation of Cydia allowed to add millions of exclusive teas and apps that added functions to the Apple phone and endless customisation options an operating system as closed as iOS. However, with the passage of time, Apple has been adding to its operating system many of the functions that were achieved when jailbreaking, just as today it is almost absurd to root an Android mobile.

Over the years, the tug of war between Apple and the jailbreak community led Apple to “join its enemy”, implementing a lot of tweaks to iOS as widgets on the lock screen, the possibility of screen recording, the multitasking or PiP modes of the iPAd. For this reason alternative app stores like  Cydia closed months ago because today it is useless to continue functioning as years ago.


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