This is how the operation of the iPhone changes with the arrival of iOS 13.1


Before the arrival of the new iPhone 11, Apple continues to shape iOS 13 by putting it in the hands of developers. Yesterday the first beta of iOS version 13.1 was released that adds a handful of changes and news. We are going to see the changes that the arrival of iOS 13.1 suppose in the operation of the iPhone.

While Apple awaits the final presentation of the new iPhone 11 and the arrival of the stable version of iOS 13, the Apple Company is already shaping iOS version 13.1 and the developers that are part of the beta program are already working with she. We have already seen how our iPhone changes or the new features it incorporates. Many may not end up in the stable version but others have all the ballots becoming something every day.

Main changes

Enter the main news, we see that the tab returns to automate the applications in the shortcuts, or the improved ability to share ETA on Google Maps. New emojis with hearts have also been received and includes new dynamic wallpapers. It is important to note that the volume HUD, both when we listen to music with headphones and when we receive a phone call has been renewed.

In the ‘Battery’ widget we can now check the connected game controllers such as the Xbox controller or the PS4 controller and the icons in AirDrop and Homekit have been redesigned it will also be easier to identify the applications that are in beta phase, since now they show an orange dot. The options to select different sources have also been updated.

In the stable version?

Altogether it is a handful of novelties that we could consider minor so that they have landed in a separate beta, while they could have been introduced in beta 9 of iOS 13. In any case, these are functionalities for improving the experience that have a good chance of ending up in the stable version, although for now we will have to wait for iOS 13 to continue taking shape. The doubt of many developers and users is to opt to continue with the beta of the iOS 13 program or try the new features included in iOS 13.1.



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