Apple’s fine print: what we don’t read when we buy an iPhone


The fine print has a bad reputation in general. In popular culture, it refers to these additional reviews, which qualify information that we had understood in one way, but that may actually lead to another very different one. In others, it serves what it should in any case, qualify or expand information about a certain product. Apple iPhones are loaded with fine print, but how many times do we stop to read it before buying?

When we go to buy an iPhone, the Apple website is a show of huge images with great quality, marketing messages and photos with professional overtones that could be the cover of any magazine. All this information is reflected in a letter of generous size, but at the bottom, we will find the small print, those notes that we often overlook but that have fundamental information for the purchase that we are going to make.

Apple’s fine print

This time we wanted to take as an example the new iPhone SE of 2020, which has been the last to reach the Apple catalog. If we exhaust the scroll and take the end of the promotional page of the device, we can see all the additional text or small print that refers to the terminal, with details such as its price, battery or IP67 protection.

Price and discounts

The first data that Apple clarifies is that it refers to the fact that the iPhone SE can be obtained from 349 euros. At the bottom it is clarified that this price will be valid when delivering a 64 GB iPhone 8. The following part is applicable to all iPhones, since the delivery program of an old iPhone “depends on the state, year and configuration of the device you deliver”. At this point it is also clarified that to get the discount for our old mobile, it is necessary to be of legal age. In addition, the fine print reflects that “Apple reserves the right to reject or limit the number of devices at its discretion”

Protection without guarantee?

Apple also boasts of the excellent water and dust resistance of some of its iPhones. However, the fine print makes it clear to the user that much of this resistance depends on other factors and their own use. In these conditions and despite the fact that they are presumed to be resistant to water up to one meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes, shortly after we read the following sentence in the fine print “The guarantee does not cover damage caused by liquids” . It is very likely that knowing this will stop many people from taking a dip with their iPhone.

Variable autonomy

When we see the battery data in large print, they are always offered based on tests conducted by Apple in the most optimal guarantees possible. The small print reveals that “autonomy depends on the configuration of the network and many other factors, and that therefore, the actual results may vary”

Quick charge, no charger included

Apple also makes references to fast charging and the user can buy thinking that their iPhone will charge at lightning speed. When we read the fine print, taking the aforementioned iPhone SE 2020 as an example, we see that “The wireless charger and the 18W fast charge adapter are sold separately” In this case, the company details again that the data offered above they respond to tests carried out by Apple, with iPhone units at 0% battery. Apple indicates that “The charging time depends on environmental factors. Actual results may vary”

Not all functions available

The fine print of the iPhone also indicates that “Some features are not available in all countries or geographical areas” An example is in eSIM technology, which despite being available in more and more countries, depends on various factors such as the operator.


As we can see, there is much more to read and take into account before clicking on the “Buy” button. It is something that we will have to put in value and dedicate the necessary time to it, whatever the product in which we are going to put our money. However, Apple is not an example of “dangerous” fine print, but it serves as an example for a task that should be mandatory.


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