Apple wants to beat the OnePlus 7 Pro in 2020, with its iPhone 5G


Today there is a smartphone that can boast an unsurpassed screen quality. We talked about the OnePlus 7 Pro, whose main features are headed by a 90Hz refresh rate display. Apple wants to launch a phone with a higher refresh rate, but as is often the case with the American firm, it will not do so soon. It would be the iPhone 5G of 2020 the smartphone that would look like a panel with these characteristics.

Hz is the ability of a screen to display a certain number of images per second. It is not the same as the frames per second, which are determined by the capacity of the processor. In this regard, the screen 90 Hz of OnePlus 7 Pro is considered one of the best on the market, although not all applications can be displayed at 90 Hz. In early June, Apple introduced the new iPad Pro with a screen ProMotion of 120 Hz instead of the 60 Hz that we have the vast majority in our phones.

Now, according to Ice Universe, the Cupertino plan to bring this type of screen to the iPhone 5G 2020.

120 Hz screen on iPhone 5G

According to the tweet, Apple would be planning to develop a screen that allows to alternate between a refresh rate of 60 Hz and another of 120 Hz. However, it would be late because not launching it this year, it is quite likely that many phones, including the OnePlus 8, mount a screen of these characteristics before the iPhone 5G of 2020 .

At the moment, Apple is negotiating with Samsung and LG was to shape this panel of its next generation of phones, after the iPhone 11. Both brands are the two largest providers of AMOLED panels for smartphones in the world.

It is assumed that the 2020 iPhone, in addition to having a 5nm processor and support for 5G networks, could alternate the refresh rate of your screen depending on the content being viewed. In this way, it could work with 60Hz when displaying static images in order to conserve battery, and change to 120 Hz when working with video, games and other moving images.

At the moment, the brand is focused on the launch of the new iPhone 11 and its different versions, so we will have to wait to confirm if among the features of the iPhone 12 we find a screen with these peculiarities. Its launch is expected by the end of the coming season.


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