iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone 11 Pro Max, which one best resists falls?


Apple has recently launched its new iPhone, the cheapest mobile in its range, and as is logical is at that time in which it is the center of all tests, especially resistance. In this case, the fall resistance of the iPhone SE 2020 is compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Once again they put two new Apple smartphones face to face, to compare how they behave when they fall from a certain height, and taking into account that the new mobile of those from Cupertino costs half or less than the most advanced model.

Which one best withstands falls?

In the first fall that we can see, the one that is done on the back of the phone, we can see that the SE perfectly supports the stake, in fact it does not suffer damage to the rear glass, which is what happens to the Max, and all because the former seems to better absorb the blow. In the fall of the phone on a corner we can see that the damage on both phones is quite similar. Once again it can be seen that the lower weight of the SE is an ally when it comes to falling on the ground.

Now comes the moment of truth, with the fall on the screen, where we can see that the Max suffers significant damage, breaking the glass in several parts. For its part, the iPhone SE 2020 also breaks, but only on the one hand, in a much less impressive way than in the case of the more expensive model. So up to now the SE is proving to be a much more resistant mobile in these situations. Although there is a bonus test, in which both phones are dropped on the screen several more times, checking if they really are able to withstand these blows without taking more damage. Both mobiles now fall from a greater height, up to ten times in a row.

We can see that the Max ends up with its most damaged screen yet, and with the useless photo camera, in fact it is not possible to start it. In the case of the iPhone SE 2020, we can see that the first drop breaks the glass a little more. Ten drops later, the phone shows that it resists better than the most expensive model, because although the glass of its screen is much more damaged, the hardware remains unchanged, both the fingerprint reader and the rear and front camera work. Therefore it is evident that the conclusion of this test is that the iPhone SE 2020 is a much more resistant to falls than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.


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