The 3 most frequent uses with old iPhone


They considered from Apple that the launch of the new iPhone models will have a greater amount of sales, due among other things because many users would finally renew their current model.

Something like this has happened in good proportion, but it is also true that many other users have opted for different solutions. These are the 5 most frequent uses that users make with old iPhone.


The iPhone mobile is the smartphone with the highest resale index and, also, with the highest profitability for this type of operations. Apple was one of the first brands to launch a new model every year, which has motivated the most passionate fans for the brand to make the purchase investment annually.

It is not a bad option, since the latest Apple models are still bought for a significant price. This type of operations allows to acquire the new proposals of the brand more economically.

Second model

Many users want to have two mobiles, in case the first one fails them. In these cases, the old iPhone remains highly competitive, since the quality of these Apple devices allows them to work perfectly, even when they have not been operational for a long time.

There are occasions when the battery, the screen or a fault that we cannot foresee, leaves us without a mobile phone. Having a second emergency unit, especially if it is an iPhone is one of the best options for this.

Dual SIM alternative

Apple does not allow a dual SIM, so in this sense it does not serve users who want two lines, for example one for work and another for personal use. Two iPhone phones allow this use differently. It only remains to know with which model we stay according to the use that we are going to give it.



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