Will the iPhone 11 have its own Apple Pencil?


We have been hearing rumors for months and witnessing various leaks on the iPhone 11. Something that has surprised everyone is undoubtedly the design of the terminal, with a module of rear cameras that although it could be something strange, it seems that it will be something common in the industry in both the remaining presentations of 2019 and in 2020. Now and thanks to a well-known manufacturer of covers and covers, we have been able to see what could be the first extra-official confirmation that the iPhone 11 will be compatible with Apple Pencil.

We still have to wait until next September for Apple to officially present those that are being known as iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. During the last weeks we have been witnessing different rumors and leaks, in addition to telling you all the news they will bring the iPhone 11 thanks to the stable version of iOS 13.

Analysts bet on it

At the beginning of this month of August it was when some industry analysts ventured that the next iPhone 11 would be compatible with Apple Pencil, which currently supports the iPad. However, except for these statements are we had found no clue that would play in favor of this statement, until now … As on other occasions, it has been the famous manufacturer of covers and covers Olixar, who through the MobileFun website, has put the selling protective cases for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple Pencil in miniature

In these cases, available in black, brown and gray colors, you can see a hole to place the Apple Pencil, in addition to showing a kind of miniature silver Apple Pencil in the photos. The description of the case also refers to both the name of the phone and the accessory itself. “Made of premium leather, this exquisite Olixar case for the iPhone 11 Pro offers impressive style and total protection for your phone, including additional support for the Apple Pencil” It is also curious to appreciate how in gray and black colors The Apple Pencil is silver, but in the brown version it turns to a golden hue.

As usual, we will take these images with the caution they deserve as they are not official information. On many occasions the carcass manufacturers or the sales websites themselves are eager for their minute of glory. However, the statement coincides with the forecasts of some experts. What do you think? Will there be a special Apple Pencil for the new iPhone?


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