Apple will not incorporate its 3D sensors for the iPad Pro cameras until 2020


Usually, at this time of year, many rumors usually circulate about the launch of new iPad models. They are usually preceded by rumors about iPhone, which tend to be much more important. But the truth is that this year we have not received many leaks with respect to the next generation of tablets from the company of the bitten apple.

Everything seems to point to Apple planning to significantly improve the camera of its iPad Pro. We recently revealed that Cupertino’s company intended to implement a dual camera on its tablet.

We talked about a ToF (Time of Flight) camera that will also be present on future iPhone. But the latest data shared by The Elec invite us to think that Apple will not incorporate its 3D sensors for the iPad Pro cameras until 2020.

Will we have a new iPad Pro at the end of 2019?

This leak over the fourth generation iPad Pro line indicates, under anonymous industry sources, that the Korean company Derkwoo Electronics will provide some of the necessary components for the 3D camera sensor modules. But mass production will not start until the end of 2019.

These 3D sensors for the rear camera of Apple mobile devices will feature Time of Flight technology. This technology measures the time it takes for a laser or LED to target objects in an environment, providing an extremely accurate three-dimensional map.

This surprising rumor suggests that Apple may NOT launch a new iPad Pro this year 2019, focusing in this way only and exclusively on its new iPhone 11 models. Be that as it may, since MacRumors suggest that the new iPad Pro line will arrive in March of 2020.

The iPhone and iPad will have ToF technology in 2020

Apple’s iPhone is also expected to adopt ToF technology in 2020. But it will, oddly enough, after the iPad Pro line does. Specifically, six months later. As long as Apple follows its usual cycle of iPhone updates.

This year Apple has already updated some of its iPad models. In March the company launched an iPad mini 5 and an iPad Air 3. But, so far, no sign of a possible launch of iPad Pro fourth generation.

More rumors about the fourth generation iPad Pro

Of course, the next generation of tablets from the company of the bitten apple will also feature the renewed design of the third generation iPad Pro, with no start button and very small bezels.

Additionally, on the other hand, as previously anticipated Apple would prepare a very interesting improvement in the rear camera system with 3D sensor modules and ToF technology.

As we indicated at the beginning of this article, there have been no more rumors about the iPad Pro line. This could suggest that Apple reserves the release of new models until March 2020. We will be attentive to what happens!

At the beginning of this year 2019, the Ming-Chi Kuo analyst of TF International Securities assured that Apple would completely renew its range of iPad products. For now everything was going well with the iPad mini and iPad Air updates, but the icing on the cake would be missing: the iPad Pro.

Ming-Chi Kuo himself recently stated that there is a 50% chance that the iPad Pro will adopt ToF technology in the last quarter of 2019 or the first quarter of 2020.

Recall that the first generation of the iPad Pro was marketed in November 2015, while the second generation arrived in June 2017. And finally the most recent third generation models arrived in November 2018.


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