New iPad: the 7th generation is here!


In Apple’s keynote we have been presented, in addition to other devices and services, as a new generation of the iPad was planned, which would be the 7th of this device. In addition they have also shown us how iPadOS will work, the new operating system for this Apple device.

This time the section on the iPad of the presentation has been quite brief and fast. Presenting only a new model of this device of the brand of the apple.

7th generation iPad

We are presented with an iPad of the same design as the previous generation. In this case the novelties are inside the device. This new generation will have a 10.2-inch retina display and 3.5 million pixels, which is 3.3 times more than the previous generation. This device will have 3.7 more viewing angle than its predecessor. In terms of performance this generation will be twice as fast as the previous one.

The starting price will be 329 dollars. We will have this new generation available starting next September 30 and will accept orders starting today. This new generation of the iPad is made entirely of recycled aluminum, with which Apple continues to focus on caring for the environment, which has been widely applauded at the “Steve Jobs Theater.” The starting price for the education sector will be $ 299. In addition this new device, as all presented today will come with a free year of subscription to TV +, which is very good news, since subscriptions to this service are in family account.

In this case they explain that iPadOS will be available in all its versions, from the iPad mini to the iPad Pro, giving us a demonstration of the most important functions of this new operating system, such as the new App Photos, split view and the new screen of start.

Without a doubt, it is a substantial improvement in the day-to-day performance of those people who do not need a computer for their work or their studies and with this new iPad they can increase their productivity thanks to the internal improvements of the device, without forgetting the care of the environment to be a device made with 100% recycled aluminum.



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