Having trouble downloading apps on your iPhone? Here the solutions


Nobody conceives a smartphone without its applications. The possibilities increase almost to infinity thanks to the software created by thousands of developers around the world, who convert our terminal into practically anything. For this reason, the biggest problem we can find is the impossibility of installing applications. Let’s see why this happens on iPhone and the best measures to fix it.

Sometimes we can’t find the cause of why it happens. However, we will have in our hand a series of possible solutions that in most cases will solve the problem. Apple itself is aware that this can happen on any iPhone, so it offers some tricks to try when we cannot install applications.

Solutions to the problem

Pause and restart the app download

We will have to press on the app that we are trying to install from the home screen, where we can see the options Resume download, Pause download or Cancel download. In the event that the download of the app is paused, we will have to touch on Resume download. If it doesn’t respond, we’ll tap on Pause Download and right after that, we firmly press the app again and tap on Resume Download. This method solves the problem in a large majority of cases.

Restart iPhone

It is a method that seems obvious or very simple, but it is tremendously effective. If the app is on the home screen, but it appears dimmed or with a white grid with gray lines, we will not have to delete it since we will only have to restart the device. Then we go to the App Store and download the app again.

Switch from Wi-Fi to Mobile Data

Toggling between Wi-Fi and mobile data can put us on the trail of the problem. If we are connected to a Wi-Fi network, even if it always goes smoothly, it may have a temporary problem. To know for sure, we must disable Wi-Fi and try to download the app with data. If the download starts, the problem is in our home network, so we can try to restart the router and try again.

Check the space

The lack of free space is usually one of the causes that can also cause failures in the download or update of applications. To solve this problem, we will have to delete files and applications that we no longer use. When we have enough space, we should try downloading the app again to see if that was the problem.

Restart the App Store

Sometimes it is the App Store application that for unknown reasons presents an error that prevents downloading applications temporarily. The solution is to close the application. To do this we go to the desktop and double tap on the start button. Then we search for the App Store and swipe up to close the app.

Sign out of the App Store

If the above method doesn’t work, logging out of the App Store usually works. For this we will have to close our session and start it again. We can do it from Settings / iTunes Store / App Store / Apple ID / Logout. Then we log in and try to download the app again.

Clear the cache from the App Store

It is a somewhat more aggressive method but it solves the problem in most cases. To clear the cache from the App Store we will have to tap 10 times on one of the navigation buttons at the bottom. This will clear the stored cache and eliminate conflicts that may have occurred between files, preventing the download of apps.

Restriction activated

It is possible that even if you do not know it, or due to a previous adjustment, you have activated the restrictions that disable the download of applications. To check it we will have to go to Settings / Time of use / Content restrictions.


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