The Jailbreak is not safe: Apple warns users officially


Over the past five years, Apple has always hinted that the installation of Jailbreak on their devices was not something highly recommended. In fact, the guarantee of its terminals is not fulfilled in case a device had Jailbreak installed.

Moreover, the company of the bitten apple has always tried to cover all the vulnerabilities of its operating system through updates and patches, with the sole purpose of preventing the installation of the Jailbreak.

But Apple has finally decided to face and warn its users officially about the dangers of Jailbreak.

Apple, against “unauthorized modifications”

The Cupertino firm has published a curious document warning about the dangers of unauthorized modifications or, what is the same, the installation of the Jailbreak.

The document mentions that the Jailbreak not only opens the door to possible gaps that can be used by hackers to introduce viruses into the devices … but also can also cause instability, a reduction in battery life and other problems such as interruption of services such as iCloud, iMessage or FaceTime, among others.

In fact, on some occasions, the Jailbreak may prevent the installation of future Apple software updates. Especially in older devices.

The company of the bitten apple has warned that users should not install, under any circumstances, any software that is capable of hacking the iOS mobile operating system.

As a final warning, from Apple they mention that the installation of the Jailbreak implies a violation of the software license agreement, so the company can refuse to repair any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that has these “unauthorized modifications”.

What do you think about Apple’s warning? Have you installed the Jailbreak on your iPhone and / or iPad?


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